Run External Test Libraries & More in Askida CT 2.5.0


Our team work hard in the past few weeks in order to release Askida CT 2.5.0. We’re proud to see Askida CT mature and become a competitive tool for automated testing.

Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

TL;DR – What’s in This Release

  • Remote Library
  • Skip Keywords From Being Executed
  • New Interface to Document Items
  • Access Variable Definitions
  • Support for MySQL
  • FTP Library

Remote Library

One of the only missing piece in the app was the ability to execute remote libraries at the same time as the libraries included within the tool and your custom libraries. For example, if you want to link and use libraries located in a different machine than the one where Askida Ct is installed, now you can! This new functionality increases the flexibility for distributed testing.

Activating the option is only available for admin users with the “Library Manager” role assigned to them, to know how to do this visit the page “User Management“. Obviously, once it’s activated, all users have access to the keywords.

To access this feature within Askida CT, click on the main menu and then select the option Remote Library.

How to add a remote library in Askida CT

To learn how to add, edit, synchronize or delete a remote library, please visit the page “Remote Library” in the “How to” section of Askida CT’s documentation.

Skip the Execution of Specific Keywords

Starting today, you can select one or more keywords to be skipped during the execution of your script. This feature is really useful when you do not want to execute a specific keyword. The selected keywords are grayed out and Askida CT automatically skips them during the execution of your automated test. This option can also be reverted to re-enable the keywords any time you want.

This feature is also available for Combined Keywords.

To use this feature, select each keyword within the testing script you wish to have skipped and then click on the hallow light bulb like button in the keywords’ toolbar, to have the selected keywords disabled.

Keywords selected to be skipped will appear grayed out.

Disable keywords to run in automated test in the interface

To re-enable keywords that are marked to be skipped, simply select each of the keywords and then click on the filled light bulb button in the keywords’ toolbar to have the selected keywords re-enabled.

Enable a keyword to run in an automated test in our tool

New Interface to Document Your Testing Process

We had a lot of feedback about the process to document elements in Askida CT. We’ve redesigned the UI to make the experience cleared and simpler when you add a new element in Askida CT.

When adding a new Project, Test Plan, Functionality, Scenario or Testing Step, fields will appear in a popup. The same functionality is also carried over to the creation of Combined Keywords, User Variables and Remote Libraries.

See below an example of the new input pop up window.

New interface to document items

Shortcut Variable Definitions

Askida CT now offers the option to go directly to a Variable Definition by clicking on a link displayed within the scripting page. It gives you direct access to the information and insights you need when you need it.

Click on the eye icon in color blue to bring up the contextual pop up and then click on the name of the variable also in color blue for Askida CT to bring you directly to the variable definition screen.

When multiple user variables are used in the same argument line of the script. Askida CT displays each variable name and value within the same contextual pop-up. However each variable’s name can be clicked to open its definition screen.

See screenshot below:

Access to variable definitions straight from the keyword

Better Navigation

We’ve added a breadcrumb navigation and changed the way the name of the Test Plan, Functionality, Scenario or Testing Step is displayed in the direct root link listed on the top left-hand side of the screen. This, to facilitate the navigation of your project.

While it previously used to simply list generic names like “Test Plan, Testing Step, etc.”, it now lists the actual given names to each of these sections, see screenshot below.

New breadcrumb in the app

Support for MySQL Database Connexion

We added support to MySQL database connection within the Database Library in Askida CT.

To access this feature, simply add a new line of script, then type the word “Database” for Askida CT to automatically display the available options from the Database Library. To know more about how to connect to a MySQL database through Askida CT visit the page, click here.

FTP Library

Askida CT now supports the use of the FTP Library to simplify the usage and transfer of files for testing purposes.

It is possible to set up an FTP server on your computer and then use Askida CT to connect to it to download/upload any needed files.

What’s Next

We hope that this release meets your needs. We are always trying to make our software as useful for everyone as it is for us every day. There will be a new version of Askida CT coming in a few weeks’ time containing support for Data-Driven testing. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know here in the comment’s section or contact us via email at