Multilingual interface

Rich text editor

Filters at all levels for quick sorting

Test plans can be exported (.xls)

Elements can be copied in 1 click

Elements can be reordered quickly

Scenarios can be classified according to manual or automated executions

Scenarios can be skipped during execution

Manual cases can be converted into automated cases and vice versa

Users can now be managed from an administration console

Can be integrated to most authentication protocols


No technical skill required

Keyword-driven testing

Quick and easy scripting interface

Over 800 keywords available

Custom keywords can be created and combined

Keyboard shortcuts for quick scripting

Online documentation

Keywords can be added in custom librairies

Automated screenshots can be added to test results reports through scripting

Keywords allow : Mobile tests (Android, iOS) / SOA or REST tests / Database integration through scripts / Text files comparison / Selenium tests integration / Keywords and scripts developed can be integrated into modern languages (Python, Java, etc.) / Files from different sources can be integrated / Random test data can be generated / Can be integrated to components of the OS system (verify that files exist, delete files, validate the state of repository, etc.) / Validate and interact with string of characters (validate, convert to caps, generate random strings, etc.) / Interact with Telnet servers / Validate content of XML files


Automated executions launched on demand

Automated executions can be scheduled (continuous integration)

Manual execution supported

Documents can be attached to manual executions

Manual execution can be queued

Execution queue can be sorted and filtered

Parallel or sequential executions for multiple configurations

Execution of web tests for all browsers

Automated execution for test plans partially or in full


Central dashboard consolidating all test results (all technologies)

History of all previous executions

All previous test results can be viewed

Logs and test results can be downloaded

Test results can be viewed as an overview or in more technical details

Types of licenses available

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