A complete approach to
continuous testing


Full agile & DevOps integration

Test automation is integrated seamlessly into an Agile or DevOps continuous testing development process.



Automate your tests on all technological environments and in any programming languages.

Technologies supported include Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, Robot Framework, Python, Rest API, SoapUI, Appium, and much more. Programming languages used are Java, .Net, Python, and much more.


Keyword-driven testing

Use a library of keywords to quickly automate your tests. Keywords allow you to create tests quickly and simply, even if your coding or technical skills are limited.

More about keyword-driven testing


Continuous testing

Test an application or a system in full and continuously without any manual intervention.

Supported tests are: functional tests, non regression tests, integrated tests, user tests, acceptance tests, security tests, performance tests.


Automated & manual tests

With Askida CT, you can combine and execute automated and manual tests. Convert a manual test into an automated test (or vice versa).


One platform for the entire team

Whether you are a QA specialist, a developer or a project manager, you can use the different modules of Askida CT as you see fit, depending on your needs.


Reports & dashboards

View all consolidated passed and failed test results using the central dashboard to quickly identify the source of an error or a bug. You can the export your reports in Excel or in HTML.


Evolution of test results over time

Monitor the quality of an application during its entire lifecycle and witness test results evolve over time.

Askida CT, a complete tool
for the entire team


Start testing the right way