Complete list of all features


  • Multilingual interface

  • Rich text editor

  • Filters at all levels for quick sorting

  • Export test plans (.xls)

  • Copy elements in 1 click

  • Quickly reorder elements

  • Classify scenarios according to manual or automated executions

  • Skip scenarios during execution

  • Convert manual cases into automated ones and vice versa

  • Manage users from the administration console

  • Integrate most authentication protocols


  • No technical skills required

  • Keywords-driven testing (Use integrated keywords to create tests, scripts and scenarios)

  • Quick and easy scripting interface

  • Over 800 keywords available in the library

  • Create and combine custom keywords

  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick scripting

  • Online documentation

  • Add keywords into custom libraries

  • Add automated screenshots to test result reports through scripting

  • Keywords allow:
    Mobile tests (Android, iOS) / SOA or REST tests / Database integration through scripts / Text file comparison / Selenium test integration / Keywords and scripts developed can be integrated into modern languages (Python, Java, etc.) / Files from different sources can be integrated / Random test data can be generated / Can be integrated to components of the OS system (verify that files exist, delete files, validate the state of repository, etc.) / Validate and interact with string of characters (validate, convert to caps, generate random strings, etc.) / Interac with Telnet servers / Validate content of XML


  • Launch automated executions on demand

  • Schedule automated executions (continuous integration)

  • Manual execution supported

  • Attach documents to manual executions

  • Queue manual executions

  • Sort and filter execution queues

  • Parallel or sequential executions for multiple configurations

  • Execute web tests for all browsers

  • Automate execution for test plans partially or in full


  • Central dashboard consolidates all test results (all technologies)

  • History or all previous executions

  • View all previous test results

  • Download logs and test results

  • View test results as an overview or in more technical details

* Each level elements. For example: test plans, scenarios

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