How Askida CT differs
from other testing tools

Most testing platforms out there cannot automate tests from end-to-end. Without Askida CT, you could fall behind the curve.

Askida CT changes the way automated tests are carried out. It is the only platform on the market that lets you do true end-to-end testing automation without requiring deep technical skills.

You can easily define your testing strategy and convert your manual tests into automated ones in one simple click.

How? The simplicity of the tool resides in its powerful keyword-driven testing functionalities, which speed up the creation of scripts for test automation whether you’re a seasoned technical QA or you only have limited technical skills.

Askida CT enables you to test your applications in-depth to deliver the software quality you demand and expect.

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My teams love the reporting, automation and keyword-driven functionalities. Askida CT is a great product.
Rafik Berzi, CEO, Mingus Software

Discover the features

Test all technologies using any programming languages, for complete end-to-end testing of the entire software environment.

Integrate all the automated testing tools you are currently using in one single platform to manage all your tests.

Consolidate and manage automated and manual test results in one, central dashboard to quickly identify bugs and errors using comprehensive, integrated reports.

Support functional, non-regression and integrated tests and much more.

Use keyword-driven testing to automate your tests and scripts

Create tests quickly by using keywords, which is much faster than writing scripts from scratch.

This mean you don’t need deep coding skills or scripting knowledge to be able to automate your tests.

Introduce logic to the way your tests are organized to run them into batches.

Keywords will guide you throughout the scripting process to help you create tests quickly and easily.

Detect and fix bugs sooner by testing earlier in the software development cycle.

All keywords can be reused multiple times in a single test case, and a single keyword can be used across multiple test scripts.

Askida CT comes with a library of keywords
that is continuously updated.

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